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Business Plans & Mentoring

Many Business Plans are looked-at once each year – if then.
A CGS Business Plan is very different – it is a ‘living document’
that drives the business forward, and monitors both achievements and the inevitable set-backs.

But above all it is a Staircase To Success with easy, achievable steps, reviewed monthly or quarterly, to ensure that the business owners/managers stay on track.

Management Development Training

CGS run a range of Skills Workshops designed to add value. These include:

Managing For Profit: A unique hands-on workshop where you compete with others to satisfy that picky customer and achieve the maximum profit.

Interviewing Skills: Covering all the interview situations that can arise in business, from Appraisal/Performance Management, through Recruitment, to Disciplinary.

Customer Service Ace: Delivering a standard of service that makes you stand out head and shoulders above the competition does not require expensive kit or flashy systems – its a matter of Attitude. This workshop gives you that vital ‘edge’.

Project Management services

It is often cheaper to use external expert help on a part-time/on-demand basis than it is to re-deploy existing resources, so whether its modernising your office, installing a new computer system, a take-over, or moving into new markets, CGS can supply the appropriate hands-on management expertise to ensure on-time, on-cost delivery.

Company Doctor service

If you know there is a problem somewhere – perhaps your business is not generating the profits you need - then CGS can help, by reviewing whether WHAT you are currently doing is the best course of action, WHO are your key competitors, HOW you can maximise profitability, WHERE your best market opportunity is, and WHEN to act.

Company Formation

As Company Formation Agents we can quickly establish a new Limited Company for you – complete with all formal documentation.

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